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"Our Great God Chords" By: Fernando Ortega tabs

Chords in this tab

Capo 1st

Verse 1:
E             Bm          A             E 
Eternal God, unchanging, mysterious and unknown. 
      E             Bm              A              E 
Your boundless love unfailing, in grace and mercy shown. 
          C#m        A              C#m                  A 
Bright seraphim in endless flight around your glorious throne. 
       E                 Bm               A             E 
They raise their voices day and night in praise to you alone. 


      E Bm    A                    E 
Hallelujah! Glory be to our great God! (x2) 

Verse 2:

E             Bm              A                E 
Lord, we are weak and frail, helpless in the storm. 
  E                   Bm       A               E 
Surround us with your angels, hold us in your arms. 
    C#m                A          C#m             A 
Our cold and ruthless enemy, his pleasure is our harm. 
      E               Bm            A                    E 
Rise up, oh Lord, and he will flee before our Sovereign God. 


      E Bm    A                    E 
Hallelujah! Glory be to our great God! (x2) 
Verse 3:

      E              Bm             A             E 
Let every creature in the sea and every flying bird; 
      E              Bm               A            E 
Let every mountain, every field and valley of the earth; 
     C#m               A                C#m       A 
Let all the moons and all the stars in all the universe 
      E              Bm             A                 E 
Sing praises to the living God, who rules them by His word.

Hope you enjoy.

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