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"Rose In December Chords" By: Halestorm tabs

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Rose In December - Halestorm

Intro: Cm Bbm C# Cm Bbm Abm

Cm		        Bbm
I've taken all this time
Cm		         Bbm
    Standing in the snow
	       Abm					F#7
And I'm so afraid of what could fall from my lips
Afraid of what I know
Cm		       Bbm
   But still I carry on
Cm		     Bbm
   Following my heart
			   Abm			   F#7
Things could let me down, and I could be betrayed
		  Bbm  Cm
But love never

Cm				Bbm
Let me be your Rose In December
Abm					Em			Cm
And I'll be standing here, until spring comes and the snow melts away
Cm				Bbm
Let me be your Rose In December
		    Abm		Em			Cm
I'll stand here forever, loving you, as a rose in december

Instrumental Break 

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