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Nu Hong Ho Hung Chords Song by Lam Truong tabs. Find sheets and tabs here. No Frills!

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"Nu Hong Ho Hung Chords" By: Lam Truong tabs

Chords in this tab

intro C# Cm Bbm F# Ab
              C#                        Ab
Cuoc doi van the dau biet em khong yeu anh .
              Fm                        C# 
Ma long van nho van niu yeu thuong mong manh.
              F#                        Fm 
Mot bo cat trang chi de anh ghi ten em.
                  F#                          Ab
Tra dat co don mua giong, minh anh ngoi om nho mong.
             C#                        Cm
Nu hong thu may duoi buoc chan em di qua
               Fm                      C#
Cuoc tinh thu may den luc em trao cho ta
               F#                      Fm 
Lam nguo khach cuoi tien buoc em tren san ga
         F#          Bbm       F#          Ab
De dau yeu kia phoi pha danh thoi tu nay cach xa.
Xin chao em trong con me nay
         Ebm              F#
Bao niem dau tren moi em cuoi
          Fm                 Ab
Nhu vang trang soi chung bao nguoi 
            Fm             F#             Ab
Tung tieng yeu tung chiec hon ho hung qua day.
Xin chao nhau trong con me nay
em con di trong con me doi.
          Cm               Fm 
Xin tinh yeu dua em quay ve
          F#           Ab                 C#
Dung doi gian de trai tim con chut yeu thuong. 

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