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  • Grunge
  • Alternative rock


  • Seattle, Washington, USA

Years Active

  • 1994–1999

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River Of Deceit Tab. Music by Mad Season tabs. Find sheets and tabs here. The real tab site!

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"River Of Deceit Tab" By: Mad Season tabs

Chords in this tab

There are only two basic chords in the whole song- 
   E A D G B e
F: 0 3 3 2 1 1(somtimes open)
G: 3 2 0 0 3 3

Not too difficult, you just have to figure out the strumming...


--0----------------4p2p0---2---2s4s2p0---2----0----0----   Repeat 3x

This is basically the same as the first tab at OLGA, so you can use that 
one if this one confuses you...

Now this(whatever you call it):
  F         G
--3-----2---0---0------   Strum freely, listen to the song. 

Now this is played throughout the entire song:
  F      G   ?
--2p0----0---0--;--0-----------4s2p0---  This fill is only played in the 
--3------0---0--;--0-------------------  second verse, and not all the 
----------------;--3-------------------  time. 

Just listen to the song for the strumming.

Verse:This is where I've seen the majority of the screw ups, here's how
      McCready plays it on the video tape.


The rhythm might be hard to follow, but you can pick that up also

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