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Bethel - Let Heaven Shout Chords Song by Misc Unsigned Bands tabs. Find sheets and tabs here. No Frills!

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"Bethel - Let Heaven Shout Chords" By: Misc Unsigned Bands tabs

Chords in this tab

Let Heaven Shout
Jessie Rogers

This is for the chords without the capo. They may not be perfect, but they sound pretty good.

Intro: C

Verse 1:
   C        F      Am      G
I surrender all to You, my God
       C        F     G
I will give You all I have
        C       F     Am        Am     F
For You took my filthiness and made me clean

F                 F
I love You, Lord
     C       F      Am
Your praises I will sing
Let Heaven shout 
   C       F     Am 
For I have been redeemed


Verse 2:
      C       F
I lay down my life
   Am        G
My plans, my rights
        C        F       G
For I

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