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  • Original Pilipino Music
  • Pinoy rock
  • Alternative rock
  • Novelty record
  • Funk
  • Rap rock
  • Experimental Rock
  • Ska punk


  • Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Years Active

  • 1993–present


  • Chito Miranda
  • Vinci Montaner
  • Buwi Meneses
  • Gab Chee Kee
  • Dindin Moreno

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"Sayang Chords" By: Parokya Ni Edgar tabs

Chords in this tab

by: Parokya ni Edgar
Tabbed by: Joshua Lumitao (thecone74)
Date: February 11, 2004 (the day I wrote my first tab)

Allright, you guys. If you're reading this tab, you're most likely a Flipino,
(most probably because Parokya ni Edgar is a Pinoy band). Anyway, I just wanna
say that I accidentally tabbed this song, I was just playin' around with the
chords when I said, "Hey, I know that song!". Okay, okay, here's the tab:

E-F#m   A           B             E-F#m
Sayang, bakit hindi kita niligawan
       A             B
Ngayon ako'y nanghihinayang
E-F#m          A             B        E-F#m
Kasi naman, tatanga-tanga pa ako noon
           A            B       B hold                E-F#m
Walang humpay na paghintay sa hindi dumarating na pagkakataon

And there you have it. Those four simple chords just keep repeating over and over
and over and over again. That's the whole song! (though the solo isn't included
and the bridge)  But still, the verses and the chorus are just these four chords.
Questions? Comments(if possible positive)? E-mail me @
Happy Rocking!!!

Oh, and I almost forgot the tab chart for you people out there
who don't know these simple chords:

     E      F#m      A       B                  
     0   !   2   !   0   !   2
     0   !   2   !   2   !   4
     1   !   2   !   2   !   4
     2   !   4   !   2   !   4
     2   !   4   !   0   !   2
     0   !   2   !   0   !   2


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