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Tian Mi Mi Chords tab by Teresa Teng tabs. Find sheets and tabs here. No Frills!

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"Tian Mi Mi Chords" By: Teresa Teng tabs

Chords in this tab

Intro :
[D A D D]

 D       D      Em              D
 tian mi mi, ni xiao de tian mi mi
 Em               A                 D  
 hao xiang hua er kai zai chun fong li 
     F#m           A  A7
 kai zai chun fong li 

 D      D       Em             D
 zai na li, zai na li jian guo ni 
 Em              A             D
 ni de xiao rong zhe yang shou xi 
    Em              D  D
 wo yi shi xiang bu qi 
 D    A        D  D
 a... zai meng li 

 D(strum) G7(strum)        D  D
 meng li, meng li jian guo ni 
 D(strum) G7(strum)        D  D
 tian mi, xiao de duo tian mi
     A       A7       A               A7
 shi ni, shi ni, meng jian de jiu shi ni


Repeat * 

[D D Em D Em A D F#m A A7]

Repeat *, ** 

Repeat *

[D A D(strum)]

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