Song: I Feel Worse When Im With You Bass

Band: Adult
Composed By: Adult.

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																				Band: ADULT.
Song: I Feel Worse When I'm With You
Bassist: Adam Lee Miller

Tuning: Drop C

Tabbed By: ++ ARCLIGHT ++


 (These Messages Might Post Fucked Up But The Tabs Are As They Should Be)

(Also, I had to post this under Misc Unsigned Bands and I assured you, ADULT. Is
a signed band. UG's data base is just not broad enough to cover Adult.)

I make no excuses for my self but, this is my first tab. It's a very easy song by a
band from Detroit, Michigan called ADULT; ADULT. isn't popular everywhere so I don't know
many will check out this tab. Despite it being simple it is very catchy and fun to play. 
been told it was played with a synth machine but I disagree because I play the song
it sounds just right.

One last note: I like playing in Drop C so when I picked the song apart I was playing in
C. I'm sure that standard tuning would be even less complicated and I'll find out how
play this song in standard tuning some time in the future and post this again.

                                        Repeat these two over and over as
                                                 many times as you see fit.


"Youtube" the song and watch the video or just listen to the song and it's really easy 
pick up on.

That's it, short, simple, and fun. There's only a repeat of what I wrote. Being "synth"
or whatever you want to call it, naturally there are few strings. It has some frantic
key board in it and electronic type sounds. I recommend people listen to ADULT. because 
don't even like synth or electronic stuff but I do like ADULT.

Anyway...if you have any problems or questions you can email me at
I'll try and help you out.



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