Song: Is It My Body

Band: Alice Cooper
Composed By: Alice Cooper, Dennis Dunaway, Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, Neal Smith

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																				Song: Is It My Body
Band: Alice Cooper
Album: Love It To Death
Year: 1971
Tabbed by DoteStudios
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b = bend
r = release
\ = slide up neck 
/ = slide down neck
h = hammer-on
p = pull-off
~ = hold note
w = whammy bar
v = vibrato
< > = strike the notes in between the symbols while in the bend
D = strum down
U = strum up

Rhythm Guitar (Michael Bruce)
G------2--2--3/4--4--2--| 2x


Then lead comes in

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  • Love It to Death

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Warner Bros. Song Duration on Album: 2:39 Album Duration: 36:45

    Release Date: January, 1971

    Moods: Angst-Ridden, Bravado, Gritty, Intense, Irreverent, Nocturnal, Paranoid, Self-Conscious, Street-Smart, Urgent, Aggressive, Brash, Campy, Outrageous, Provocative, Raucous, Sleazy, Theatrical, Boisterous, Confrontational, Menacing, Rebellious

    Styles: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

    Themes: Cool & Cocky, Guys Night Out, Hanging Out, Late Night, Maverick, Partying, Playful, The Creative Side

  • Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Rhino / Warner Bros. Song Duration on Album: 2:41 Album Duration: 41:14

    Release Date: 1974

    Moods: Confident, Greasy, Gritty, Gutsy, Hedonistic, Raucous, Rousing, Street-Smart, Swaggering, Trashy, Boisterous, Brash, Bravado, Campy, Confrontational, Irreverent, Outrageous, Playful, Rebellious, Rowdy, Self-Conscious, Sleazy, Theatrical

    Styles: Detroit Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Album Rock, Arena Rock, Glam Rock

    Themes: Drinking, Guys Night Out, Partying, TGIF

  • The Alice Cooper Show

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Friday Music Album Duration: 39:38

    Release Date: December, 1977

    Moods: Gutsy, Boisterous, Brash, Bravado, Campy, Dramatic, Nocturnal, Playful, Rebellious, Sleazy, Theatrical

    Styles: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Album Rock, Arena Rock, Detroit Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock

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