Song: Tidal Waves

Band: All Time Low
Composed By: Andrew Beck, Jordan Raine, Tyler Badali, Wes Nickel

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                             TIDAL WAVES - All Time Low ft. Mark Hoppus
Tabbed by: Harlo

Tuning: Standard
Capo: 1


A|--3----3---------------------| x repeat throughout verses or play chords C and G 

Am                    Fm
Like I just happen to be
In the right place, right time
Just settle down (just settle down, settle down)


C             G                   Fm
I earned my place with the tidal waves
                      Am                          C
I cant escape this feeling that something aint right
            G                      Fm
I called my name as I crashed the gates
Still I cant escape this feeling that something aint right
Fm                               C
Why dont you think before you speak?
C                           Am            Em   Fm
Cause you dont know me at all (all)
                          Am            Em   Fm
You dont me know me at all (all, all)

Am           Fm          Am 
Spread your lies like fireflies
                Fm                         Am
In a white hot summer, trying to pull me under
             Fm                   Am
You sharpen words, to use like knives
                     Fm                           C
When you lose your colour, theyll be nothing left

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  • Future Hearts

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Hopeless Records Song Duration on Album: 4:09 Album Duration: 45:30

    Release Date: April 7, 2015

    Moods: Exuberant, Summery, Boisterous, Bright, Earnest, Cathartic, Celebratory, Energetic, Fun, Passionate, Rambunctious, Raucous, Reflective, Rousing, Rowdy, Sentimental, Sugary, Angst-Ridden, Urgent

    Styles: Emo-Pop, Alternative/Indie Rock, Punk-Pop

    Themes: Hanging Out, Summer, TGIF, Affection/Fondness, Girls Night Out, Guys Night Out

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