Song: Rhapsode

Band: Annegarn
Composed By: Arthur Johnston, Sam Coslow

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																				RHAPSODE - Dick Annegarn (French Artist, a genius:

Tabbed by Seb the Koala

Chorus (Bm  F#m  Bm  F#m  Bm / F#  Bm  F#  B  G  A  F#)
Bm                     F#m           Bm          
Rhapsode rhapsode que racontent tes odes
                 Bm      F#m          Bm
Qu'est ce que tu vantes l'exode des tiens 
Bm                                 F#m            Bm        F#m    Bm       
Rhapsode rhapsode t'

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  • Adieu Verdure

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Warner Elektra Atlantic Corp. / WEA Song Duration on Album: 5:41 Album Duration: 39:04

    Release Date: 1999

    Styles: French Pop, French, Western European Traditions

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