Song: Dindi

Band: Astrud Gilberto

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Astrud Gilberto
by Antonio Carlos Jobim, with lyrics by Aloysio de Oliveria
English lyrics by Ray Gilbert


Cm7                  Bbm7
sky, so vast is the sky
               Cm7                  Bbm7
where faraway clouds just wondering by
Am7            C#m7
where do they go
F#m         Bm7
oh i don't know
don't know

Cm7                     Bbm7
wind that speaks to the leaves
          Cm7                  Bbm7
telling stories that no one believes
Am7        C#m7
stories of love
          F#m Bm7 E7
belong to you and me


Cm7   Bbm7
oh dindi
     Cm7                    Gm7
If I only had words I would say
F#m7              Fm7           Bb7
All the beautiful things that I see
When you're with me
Oh my dindi

Cm7   Bbm7
Oh dindi
         Cm7         Am7   Abm7   Gm7             
Like the song of the wind in the trees
       F#m7             Fm7
That's how my heart is singing dindi
Happy dindi
     Cm7             Am7  F#m7  B7
When you're with me

Em                   F#m7
I love you more each day
B7  Em/G F#m7 B7 Em A7
Yes I do, Yes I do
Dm7              A/G

I'd let you go away
         Dm/F A/G      Dm7  G7
If you'd take me with you

          Cm7    Bbm7
Don't you know dindi
       Cm7                       Gm7
I'd be running and searching for you
        F#m7       Fm7
Like a river that can't find the sea
    Bb7                   Cm7
That would be me without you
My dindi

Cm7             Bbm7
That would be me
Without you my dindi


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