Song: Land Of Competition

Band: Bad Religion
Composed By: Brett Gurewitz, Greg Graffin

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BAD RELIGION - "Land of competition"

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Par Svensson,


E  D  E  D

E                          D

see, there's a girl who's afraid of the world

                E    D

so she stays at home,

E                       D

also a boy who seems so lost in his joy

          E    D

he's all alone,

    C           G                    D            E

the camera's on them, they're in the land of competition,

C            D          E

southern california air feeds them,

         C                G                D            E

and they know they're the best 'cuz of the way they are dressed,

            C               D                E    D  E  D

but you can bet you are not welcome in their home,

see there's a girl who sits and
watches the world from her blue screen,
also a boy who truly wants to destroy his
hometown scene,

they both want to travel to the land of competition,
southern california will destroy them,
and they won't be the best,
they'll be the poseurs who dress
like the plastic idiots who they copy

tell me what do you need to make you happy?
indeed, is it out of your reach?
beware of number one,
see all the damage it has done,
there are so few of them,

you won't find too many in the land of competition,
southern california doesn't breed them,
if you just want the best turn to yourself for the rest,
and forget about the one's who "have it all"

   C              D                 E

be careful of the ones who "have it all"

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    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Epitaph Song Duration on Album: 2:05 Album Duration: 25:41

    Release Date: 1988

    Moods: Confrontational, Fiery, Literate, Rebellious, Rousing, Tense/Anxious, Uncompromising, Urgent, Acerbic, Aggressive, Cathartic, Cerebral, Energetic, Intense, Poignant, Visceral

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    Themes: Empowering, Hanging Out, Revolutionary

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