Song: In The Flat Field Bass

Band: Bauhaus
Composed By: Bauhaus

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In the Flat Field by Bauhaus


Everywhere I looked for this tab I found the same tab which was completely wrong
so I decided to work it out and post the tab online. This is how it actually
goes (assuming your bass is tuned the same as mine, if it's not then shift the
whole thing up or down a fret or whatever). If you see a tab site with the other
In the Flat Field tab on it please feel free to submit this one.

The whole song is pretty much like this.


There are bits where it does this instead. There's only one note difference.


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A gut pull drag on me
Into the chasm gaping we
Mirrors multy reflecting this
Between spunk stained sheet
And odorous whim
Camera eye-flick-shudder within
Assist me to walk away in sin
Where is the string that Theseus laid
Find me out this labyrinth place.

I do get bored, I get bored
In the flat field.
I get bored, I do get bored
In the flat field

Yin and yang lumber punch
Go taste a tart, then eat my lunch
And force my slender thin and lean
In this solemn place of fill wetting dreams
Of black matted lace of pregnant cows
As life maps out onto my brow
The card is lowered in index turn
Into my filing cabinet hemispheres spurn.

I do get bored, I get bored
In the flat field.
I get bored, I do get bored
In the flat field

Let me catch the slit of light
For a maidens sake
On a maiden flight
In the flat field I do get bored
Replace with Piccadilly whores
In my yearn for some cerebral fix
Transfer me to that solid plain
Hammer me into blazen pain
Moulding shapes no shame to waste
Moulding shapes no shame to waste
And drag me there with deafening haste.

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