Song: Strange Apparition

Band: Beck

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Strange Apparition
The Information (Interscope 2006)


A      G		D	C

Lord, please don't forsake me
A     G		D	C

In my Mercedes Benz
A	    G		D	C

All the riches and the ruins
A	      G		   D	    C

Now we all know how that story ends

D	    C

Strange apparition
D	     C

Haunting my brain
D		C

Standing on the last legs
A			C

Of a dream that walked away


A	  G	    D		C

When the Lord rings my front door
A	   G		D	C

And asks me what I got to show
A	    G		D	C

Besides the dust in my pockets
A		G		  D	 C

And the things that just eat away my soul

D	    C

Strange apparition
D	     C

Haunting my brain
D		 C

There's some permissions
A			G7
Of a dream that got cremated

A       G	      D

The least I had to lose from
A	     G		D

Is the most I seem to care
A	G		D

Anything should make you happy
A	G		D	E

Nothing could make you scared

G		D

We'll be on the shoreline
G			  D

When that heavy ship goes down
E				G

Did you think that you were lucky?
D			A

You should see yourself now

E  G  D

Listen to 'Torn And Frayed' off of Exile on Main St. by the Rolling Stones for the inspiration.

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