Song: Who Can Compare To You

Band: Bethel Music
Composed By: Adolph Green, André Previn, Betty Comden

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Who Can Compare to You
By Matt Stinton

Intro F# E F# B E


Verse 1
Where would I be
If it wasnt for Your kindness toward me
Youve been closer than a friend could ever be
B D#m C#m
There is nothing on the Earth that could take Your place

Verse 2
I am undone
For You see all there was and all that will be
Yet youve set your vast affection upon me
B C#m B
By Your voice the world was made and still You called my name

E F#
Who can compare to You
B G#m
Who moves my heart the way You do
E C#m
Who can compare to You
G#m B
Who moves my heart the way You do


(First few times B C#m B/D# E)
Kingdoms come and kingdoms fade
G#m E
But always You remain
Ages pass and seasons change
G#m E
But always You remain (the same)

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  • We Will Not Be Shaken

    Genre: Religious Label: Bethel Music / Integrity Music / Provident Music Group Song Duration on Album: 5:56 Album Duration: 01:03:26

    Release Date: January 27, 2015

    Moods: Joyous, Pure, Reserved, Innocent, Intimate, Reverent, Searching, Introspective, Sparkling, Spiritual

    Styles: CCM, Contemporary Christian, Praise & Worship

    Themes: Empowering, Religion, Sunday Afternoon, Passion

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