Song: Guilty

Band: Blue
Composed By: Randy Newman

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																				Hope this works, i [layed it along 2 the backing track and it sounds almost
identical, any problems email me at, it's so easy
once you get the hang of it

Intro F#     Badd9     F#     Badd9

Verse 1


F#                       Badd9
I never want to play the games that people play
F#                       Badd9
I never want to hear the things they gotta say
F#            Badd9
I've found everything i need
E              Abm
I never wanted anymore then i could see
E              Abm
I only want you to believe...


I'f it's hard to tell the truth
What am i supposed to do?
F#              Abm
All i wanna do, is speak my mind

If it's wrong to do whats right
I'm prepared to testify
E                                   Abm
I'f loving you with all my hearts a crime

Then i'm guilty

Verse 2

I wanna give you, all the things you've never had
Don't try to tell me how he treats you isn't bad
I need you back in my life
I never wanted, just to be the other guy
I never want to, live a lie


Middle 8

Abm                   B

Girl i've fallowed my heart

Followed the truth
Right from the start
That led me to you

Please don't leave me this way
I'm guilty, that all i have to say


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    Release Date: November 3, 2003

    Moods: Strong, Sentimental

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    Themes: Partying, TGIF, Hanging Out

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