Song: This Is A Low

Band: Blur

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Artist ~ Blur
Song   ~ This is a low
Album  ~ Parklife

There are one or two tabs of this song on here,
but none i could find with the intro and bridge.
Great song, not too hard to play.


Standard tuning

p = pull off
x = don't play
/ = slide


Chords used:
E   ~022100
Bm  ~224432
A   ~002220
Am  ~x02210
C#m ~446654
C   ~x32010
D   ~xx0232


     Em             F#            G         G/A

E --------0---------2----------------0-----------------------|
B --------0-------2---2---2-----3-3----3----3/5-----5----5---|
G ------0-------3-------3------4---------4--4/6-----6----6---|
D ----2----------------------5--------------5/7---7----7---7-|
A --2--------4-----------------------------------------------|
E --0--------------------------------------------------------|

Verse 1:

  E      Bm           A             C#m
  And in to the sea  goes pretty Eng land and me
  C                 Bm                E

  Around the Bay of  Biscay and  back for tea
  E                       Bm
  Hitting traffic on the  dogger bank
  A                       C#m
  Up the Thames to find a  taxi rank
  C                    Bm         E

  Sail on by with the  tide and  fall asleep

(When ending every verse on the E chord, play it like so...)



and the radio says...
  E          D    E               Am
  This is a  low... but it won't  hurt you

  E             D     E              Am   Bm
  When you're a lon will be  there when  you
  C                Bm      E

  Finding ways to  stay so lo

Verse 2:

  E                     Bm
  On the tyne, forth and  cromarty
  A                    C#m
  There's a low in the  high 40's
  C                       Bm
(and)  Saturday's locked a way on the pier

Not  fast enough dear
  E       Bm           A                C#m
  On the  malin head,  blackpool looks  blue and red
  C                          Bm
And the  queen, she's gone ` round the bend

Jumped of  Land's End

(repeat chorus, then middle, then repeat chorus 2x)

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Peace and love.

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