Song: Simple Twist Of Fate

Band: Bob Dylan
Composed By: Bob Dylan

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																				Title; Simple Twist of Fate
Artist; Bob Dylan
Album; Blood on The Tracks

Standard Tuning

Intro;E E2 E7 A Am E B A E B



They sat together in the park
As the evening sky grew dark
E7                                    A

She looked at him and he felt a spark tingle to his bones
Am                            E      B          A                           
It was then he felt alone and wished that he'd gone straight
E                   F#

And watched out for a simple twist of fate.

unusual chords

E2     Am     F#

---    -5-    -2-
---    -5-    -2-
-1-    -5-    -2-
-1-    -7-    -4-
-2-    ---    ---
---    ---    ---

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  • Blood on the Tracks

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Song Duration on Album: 4:18 Album Duration: 51:36

    Release Date: January 17, 1975

    Moods: Autumnal, Bittersweet, Intimate, Literate, Melancholy, Poignant, Reflective, Sad, Searching, Weary, Wistful, Yearning, Laid-Back/Mellow

    Styles: Singer/Songwriter, Album Rock

    Themes: Breakup, D-I-V-O-R-C-E, Feeling Blue, Heartache, Illness, Introspection, Jealousy, Late Night, Loss/Grief, Reflection, Regret, Reminiscing, Stay in Bed, Autumn, Comfort

  • At Budokan

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    Release Date: 1979

    Moods: Autumnal, Bitter, Bittersweet, Cynical/Sarcastic, Enigmatic, Intense, Intimate, Lively, Poignant, Sardonic, Searching, Snide, Swaggering, Urgent, Warm, Wistful, Yearning, Acerbic, Energetic, Freewheeling, Literate, Reflective, Rousing, Wry

    Styles: Rock & Roll, Singer/Songwriter, Album Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock

  • The Best of Bob Dylan, Vol. 2

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Columbia Song Duration on Album: 4:18 Album Duration: 01:28:33

    Release Date: November 28, 2000

    Moods: Literate, Sardonic, Playful, Reflective, Rollicking, Acerbic, Freewheeling, Fun, Humorous, Irreverent, Raucous, Rousing, Swaggering, Cerebral, Somber, Witty, Wry, Poignant, Wistful

    Styles: Album Rock, Country-Rock, Folk-Rock, Political Folk, Psychedelic/Garage, Rock & Roll, Singer/Songwriter, Contemporary Pop/Rock, AM Pop

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