Song: Goodies

Band: Ciara
Composed By: L. Jefferson

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this riff is very easy, and you need the whammy pedal to use it (not whammy bar, the 

e|--------------------13 >--13 <-----------------------------------------|
G|-10 >--10 <--10 >------------------------------------------------------|


pedal up= >
pedal down= <

btw, set your pedal to up one octave...not down one, or up two or something wierd like that

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  • Goodies

    Genre: R&B Label: LaFace Song Duration on Album: 3:42 Album Duration: 54:02

    Release Date: September 28, 2004

    Moods: Rousing, Sensual, Celebratory, Street-Smart, Nocturnal, Sexy, Stylish, Confident, Intimate, Boisterous, Reflective, Yearning

    Styles: Contemporary R&B, Pop

    Themes: Club, Girls Night Out, Late Night

  • Street Beatz [Bonus Track]

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Sony BMG Song Duration on Album: 3:44 Album Duration: 02:36:23

    Release Date: February 7, 2005

  • Red Hot Hits

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: BMG Album Duration: 02:26:37

    Release Date: May 31, 2005

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