Song: Hit The Roof

Band: Cub Country
Composed By: Cub Country

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																				Tabbed by BK. if you've got questions or comments.
Listen to the song for the rythm. Everything here is right and where it should be. 



there was a time when you were mine
                    A                   E 
i thought you were mine, there was a time.

we would go on, out in the sunshine
                A                    E

we talk on for hours, and forget the time

the stars always shone, over our bed at night
                    A                E

and made you look just right, every night

A                                          E

we wished for things, and swore theyd come true
A                           B        A

we made some plans to follow through

me and you


when i looked to you i knew i love you
             A                               E         
and i was so sure about it, when i looked to you

time brought on tears, you went away
               A                        E

through all my fears, i thought i could stay

A                                     E

we wished for things, that never came true.
A                            B         A

we made some plans, that fell through

on me and you

A      B      E           A

autumn leaves blow around me
            B     E                 A

i see your ghost, pass from tree to tree
             B         E

theres noone here with me.

now i walk alone, on such a perfect day
             A                       E

i think of a time, and smile on your face
cause i thought i knew, so much about you
        A              E

and you knew me so well too

A                                       E

we wished for things i thought we could do
A                             B    A    E  
now i want to know you love me        anyway
A                             B    A    E   
yea i want to know you love me        anyway

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  • High Uinta High

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Jade Tree Records Song Duration on Album: 5:18 Album Duration: 47:09

    Release Date: February 19, 2002

    Styles: Alternative Country-Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock

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