Song: Before The Sun Burned Bright

Band: Dan Schutte

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  G        Bm                Cmaj7        Bm
Before the sun burned bright and rivers flowed,


Cmaj7         Bm              Am7      D

I called you each by name to share my home.

G         Bm      Cmaj7       Bm
No longer be afraid I am your God.

Cmaj7         Bm        Am7  D  G

My love will never end. Alleluia.


Verse 1

  G              Bm         Cmaj7      Bm
Though you have sent me Lord to every land,

Cmaj7         Bm             Am7           D

I can't find words to speak your words of love.

Verse 2

 G               Bm           Cmaj7            Bm
The Lord reached out his hand and touched by tongue.

Cmaj7      Bm          Am7          D

I give my words to you to speak my love.

Verse 3

G             Bm             Cmaj7           Bm
My hand will bring you words, so speak them loud

Cmaj7      Bm           Am7         D

I am your Lord and God; you are my sons

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