Song: Dignity

Band: Deacon Blue

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Ah saved ma money!!!
Come on!!!

Intro - F (133211)  Fsus2(x33010)  Bb (113331)  C (x32010)


Verse 1
F                          Fsus2
There`s a man I meet,Walks up our street,
Bb                              C

He`s a worker for the council,Has been twenty years
F                               Fsus2                    
And he takes no lip off nobody,And litter off the gutter,
Bb                    C

Puts it in a bag,And never thinks to mutter
F                                            Fsus2
And he packs his lunch in a Sunblest bag,The children call him Bogie,
Bb                     C

He never lets on,But I know `cause he once told me
F                                Fsus2
He let me know a secret,About the money in his kitty,
Bb                            C

He`s gonna buy a dinghy,Gonna call her Dignity


Bb                                  C

And I`ll sail her up the west coast,Through villages and towns,
Am                       Dm
I`ll be on my holidays,They`ll be doing their rounds
Bb                                    C                                     
They`ll ask me how I got her I`ll say,I saved my money,
Am                                  Dm   Am    Bb    C   F 
They`ll say isn`t she pretty, That ship called--Dig- -ni--ty

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