Song: Deliver Me

Band: Dillon Bethany

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From Bethany Dillon's latest album "Stop & Listen".
Capo 3 - Key Bb

Played in G Shape.


Chords Used (relative to the capo)

G-    3x0033
Em-   022033
C9-   x32033
D/F#- 2x023(0 or 3 or 2)

Intro: G-Em-G-Em


Verse 1:
 G                          Em
Deliver me from my prideful mind
           C9     G/B        D/F#

It weighs heavier on me all the time
       G                          Em
What a silent, yet, such a deadly crime
    C9        G/B          D/F#

To think that I own my own life

    Em       C9           G D/F#

So humble me just like You did
    Em        C9                     D/F#

The king who lost his mind in the wilderness
    Em        C9
And don

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