Song: Street Child

Band: Elan
Composed By: Elan

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Elan - Street Child feat. Slash

Tuning: 1/2 step down from E


I'm pretty sure that this is 100% accurate. leave me comments.


            Am              G

We are the little ones who roam the underbelly
            D                      E

Of the streets that normal people walk
Am                         G

Wrong side of the tracks, the deep end of the ocean
       D                                 E

The color of the gypsies in the shadow night
           Am         G

Darkness inside out seeps into your veins


Listen to the rain

The only thing keeping you alive

Is the gracious night

       Am          G

Let me go, let me sleep until forever
        D                               E

Let me close my eyes and hide until the never
       Am          G

Let me go, let me slip into the sky
       D                            E

And tiptoe into madness in a hollow cry

        C                    Am
'Cause no one ever told me I committed any crime
    G                       D

And no one ever told me how I went blind
     C                      Am
And all I ever wanted was a free mind
     G                                   D

A guiltless conscience and a place where I could fly

I threw my cards out on the table
And I put my neck out on the line

I took the verdict I was handed

And now I've served my time

[Chorus x2]

Let me go

Guitar Solos:

Slash uses a wah during the first half of the solo mainly as a filter. He does rock it 
and forth, but only a couple times. He does it very slowly, and not all the way. The wah 
kept in the heel down position mostly though, just listen to the song.


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  • Street Child

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Silverlight Song Duration on Album: 6:33 Album Duration: 57:42

    Release Date: May, 2003

    Moods: Cerebral, Cynical/Sarcastic, Irreverent, Literate, Poignant, Reflective, Snide, Somber, Wistful, Witty, Wry

    Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Folk-Rock, Psychedelic/Garage

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