Song: Please Release Me

Band: Engelbert Humperdinck
Composed By: Yount

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																				F       F7              Bb      C       C7          F 
Please release me, let me go, For I dont love you anymo 
    F     F7          Bb 
To live a lie to be a sin, 
    F               C            F     C7 
So release me, and let me love again, 
F       F7                Bb 
I have found a new love, dear, 
    C         C7             F     C 
And I, will always want her hear, 
     F       F7                    Bb 
Her lips are warm where yours are cold, 
    F           C              F   C7 
Release me, my darling, let me go. 
 G        G7                C 
Please release me cant you see, 
    D7                      G   D7 
You!be,  A fool to cling to me, 
    G       G7                 C 
To live, a lie would bring us pain, 
     G             D7           G     C 
So release me, and let me love again, 
         G             D7            G    C    G 
Please release me, and let me love again. 
   Instrumental Key G 

Repeat all again

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  • Best of Engelbert Humperdinck [Laserlight]

    Genre: Vocal Label: Laserlight Song Duration on Album: 4:18 Album Duration: 02:06:46

    Release Date: March 13, 1999

    Styles: Vocal Pop

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