Song: Here I Am

Band: Erik Santos
Composed By: Norman Sallitt

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																				Title: Here I Am

Artist: Erik Santos

Chords By: Valera, Charlie Edsel


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Intro: B-C#m-Abm-C#m-Ebm-F#-A

       Bb    F                   Gm    Dm
Here I am playing with those memories again
      G                              Cm
And just wen I thugh time had set me free
      C                        F

Those thoughts of you keeo taunting me

      Bb        C#m        Gm     Dm   
Holding you, a feeling I never outgrew
          G           Cm
Though each and every part of me has tried
      C7                      F

only you can fill that space inside

     Cm                 F

So there's no senese preteneding 
  Cm               F

My heart it's not mending

Bb           Dm             Cm  F

Just when I thought I was over you
Bb                Gm             Ab

And just when I thought I could stand 

on my own

   Bb            Dm
Oh baby thse memories come
Crashing through
D/D7         Gm    Cm   Dm  F-Bb-D

And I just can't go on without you

      Bb       Dm                Gm        Dm   
On my own, I've tried to make the best of it alone
     G               G            Cm   
I've done everything I can to ease the pain
      C                    F

But only you can stop the rain

         Cm                F

I just can't live without you
            Ab          F

I miss everything about you

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