Song: Take It Back Bass

Band: Face To Face
Composed By: Trever Keith

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Song Title: take it back
Artist: face to face

the first part  CUNT!
                          it is real easy!
---------------------------------         REPEAT AWHOLE BUNCH O'TIMES!
----------------0 0 0 0 5-5-5-5--


          the second is easy too!

----5-5-5-5----7-7-7-7----9-9-9-9-------------8------- repeat as many times at it needs 
------------------------------------------------------    usuallt 2 times




one time the first time and 2 times the next times ok 

e-mail alvin vicious at ifu like me or just want to do somethin 
face to face kicks butt  i will submit some STRUNG OUT NEXT TIME though 

Submitted by:  alvin vicious! (

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I won
I worked too hard to get it
So what?
It's over just forget it

Too much, too soon
Too late until you realize
You've got it made?
You're in for a big surprise

That's not what I want at all
That's not what I wanted
Can I take it back?
Can I take it back?
I'm asking

It's gone
And I don't want to fake it
It's wrong
I've become the one I hated

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  • Face to Face [A&M]

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: A&M Song Duration on Album: 2:58 Album Duration: 38:27

    Release Date: September 9, 1996

    Moods: Aggressive, Brash, Intense, Raucous, Rebellious, Rowdy, Tense/Anxious, Energetic, Irreverent, Snide, Amiable/Good-Natured, Bleak, Confrontational, Exuberant, Quirky, Volatile, Confident, Fun, Playful, Summery, Celebratory, Freewheeling, Humorous, Stylish

    Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Punk Revival, Punk/New Wave, Skatepunk, Punk

    Themes: Hanging Out, Empowering, Guys Night Out, Partying, Exercise/Workout

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