Song: Shine On

Band: Feelers

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																				This is what i have so far, i just cant get the bridge where james sings
"Do you remember the day.....
Please help, or


C                       Am            G

I see through you, like see-through glass

F                                      C             G

Ill hold you tight so i can feel the colour of your skin


I wanna be inside you now 

            C      G    F

I wanna be around you


C                  F

Shine, Shine on me now,

       C              F

Shine on, Shine on me now


       C                    Am       G

Its a space of time that i hold for you

      F                               C  G

the leaves are falling down around my head


I am with you now

C                 G

I can hear you smiling 


your singing to me now


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