Song: Reality A New Beginning

Band: Fight
Composed By: Rob Halford

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Band - Fight
Album - War of Words
Song - Reality, A New Beginning

Main Riff:



The 2 power chord is heavily palm muted and sort of scraped with the side 
of the pick.

I tabbed this out so sorry if it's not right, certainly sounds right though.


Anyway, Enjoy!

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This time when I'm leaving
Who cares where I'll go
I'll walk with the sunset
Out there no one knows

Reality, a new beginning

In my imagination
I'm searching for my dream
Finding something better
More than what I've been

Reality, a new beginning

Reality, a new beginning

New day, new tomorrow
I'm not living in the past
I'm changing the illusion
I'm set free, free at last

Reality, a new beginning

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  • The War of Words

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Sbme Special Mkts. Song Duration on Album: 13:52 Album Duration: 59:26

    Release Date: 1994

    Moods: Eerie, Ominous, Raucous, Urgent, Volatile, Confrontational, Gritty, Harsh, Rowdy, Aggressive, Brash, Cathartic, Fiery, Menacing, Energetic

    Styles: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

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