Song: Dont Let Me Die

Band: Flogging Molly
Composed By: Bob Schmidt, Bridget Regan, Dave King, Dennis Casey, George Schwindt, Matt Hensley, Nathen Maxwell

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Chords in this song:
    E   B   Ab  C#m  F#  C#  Abm  A


Intro: E B Ab C#m B E


  F#         C#               B        F#

I walk these streets where my soulless feet
          B               C#         F#

Haunt the ground where it was I once tread
   F#         C#              B             F#

On Grafton's Arcade pours the rich commerce rain
           B             C#         F#

Though the voices I no longer hear speak

E           B           Ab           C#m
Heaven's to blame so on that I'll abstain
               F#                           B

Best clean the church from my cracked fingernail
          E      B          Ab    C#m
But don't let me die still wondering
        B             E

What it was I left behind

Bridge: Abm F# E B Abm F# E


            Abm       F#

Though I've been that face before
E             B

Slammed every open door
Abm             F#          E

Squandered once scattered beliefs
            Abm        F#

So when the waves come crashin' in
E                B

I'll swim as the ocean swims
E            B

Out with the morning tide
     F#          B     F#  B  F#  B  F#  B

Then back for my tea

         C#m     Abm      A     E

So don't let me die still wondering
        C#m  Abm     A

What it was I left behind
         C#m       Abm    A         E

I want a race well run ahead of the gun
        C#m            Abm         A

With a dance before the far finish line
       C#m     Abm            A              E

So no life long regrets, only well feathered steps
            C#m         B         A

Until these shoes I can no longer shine
          C#m    Abm      A     E

But don't let me die still wanderin'
        C#m   Abm       A

For the love I left behind
   C#m Abm A E A E B E A E A E A E A E

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    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Side One Dummy Song Duration on Album: 4:17 Album Duration: 52:08

    Release Date: September 14, 2004

    Moods: Passionate, Swaggering, Rowdy, Campy, Energetic, Exuberant, Lively, Playful, Quirky, Rambunctious, Raucous, Reflective, Rousing, Theatrical, Volatile, Confident, Freewheeling, Urgent, Ambitious, Fun, Rebellious, Stylish, Carefree, Indulgent

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