Song: Heavy Water Bass

Band: Foals
Composed By: Foals

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Artist: Foals
Song: Heavy Water
Album: Antidotes


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We communicate,
She dreams of empty swings around,
We communicate,
Vampires and their guns.

We bully clouds now,
We bully clouds now,
To pass the time away,
Pass the time away,
You deface,
Fight these vampires,
Fight these vampires

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  • Antidotes

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Warner Music Song Duration on Album: 4:32 Album Duration: 53:41

    Release Date: April 8, 2008

    Moods: Confident, Fractured, Aggressive, Atmospheric, Brittle, Cerebral, Circular, Dramatic, Dreamy, Energetic, Exciting, Freewheeling, Gutsy, Laid-Back/Mellow, Lively, Passionate, Quirky, Raucous, Reflective, Rollicking, Rousing, Spacey, Tense/Anxious, Urgent, Visceral, Wistful

    Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, New Wave/Post-Punk Revival, Indie Rock, Math Rock

    Themes: Empowering, Feeling Blue, Introspection, Reflection, Road Trip, The Creative Side, Hanging Out, Night Driving, Summer

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