Song: Hong Kong

Band: Gorillaz
Composed By: Gorillaz

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Hong Kong - Gorillaz

This are the chords that you can hear in the song (warchild album version)
Note: The chords enter after the song begins and fade out before the song ends


G   A (x10)


G    A

Lord hear me now
G                           A

Junk boats and English boys
G            A

Crashing out in super marts
G               A

Electric fences and guns

G   A

You swallow me
G                       A

I'm just a pill on your tongue
G              A

Up here on the nineteenth floor
G                      A

The neon lights make me come

G   A (x4)

C#m7	Cmaj7         Bm7         G

	And late in a star's life
C#m7       Cmaj7       Bm7   G

	It begins to explode
C#m7	   Cmaj7          Bm7         G

	And all the people in a dream
C#m7	   Cmaj7       Bm7         G

	Wait for the machine
C#m7	         Cmaj7        Bm7          G

	Pick the shit up keep things clean

G   A (x2)

G	 A

Kid hang over here
G  		      A

  What are you learning in school?
G		  A

Is the rise of an eastern sun
 G		    A

Gonna be alright for everyone?

G   A (x4)

C#m7	Cmaj7            Bm7         G

	The radio station disappeared
C#m7      Cmaj7         Bm7        G

	Music turned into thin air
C#m7	 Cmaj7          Bm7          G

	The DJ was the last to leave
C#m7	 Cmaj7          Bm7            G

	She had well conditioned hair,
C#m7	 Cmaj7                     Bm7       G

	was beautiful, but nothing really was there

G   A (x8)


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