Song: Fortunes Of War

Band: Iron Maiden
Composed By: Steve Harris

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																				This is Fortunes of War by Iron Maiden
Tabbed by: Evilized

The intro is played on bass but you can play it on guitar.



this just goes on but after 1.time 2nd guitar comes in:


This is it. Hope you'll enjoy. Knock yourself out!

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After the war
And now that they've sent us homeward
I can't help but feel that I'm on my own
No one can see just what this conflict has done to
The minds of the men who are on their way home

I'm scarred for life
But it's not my flesh that's wounded
So how can I face the torment alone
The vivid scenes and all the recurring nightmares
I lay there and sweat until it gets light

People say 'don't worry'
Say that time's a perfect healer
That the nightmares they will come to pass
Can't hear what they're saying
I am living in my own world
And I'm feeling trance-like all the time

I hear voices in my head
Could I really be going crazy
In the night the visions seem so real
Do you care if you live or die
When you laugh are you really crying
You're not sure what's real anymore

Fortunes of war
Fortunes of war
Fortunes of war
No pain anymore

Sometimes I wake
I feel that my spirit's broken
I wonder if I've the strength
Carry on carry on

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  • The X Factor

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Iron Maiden Holdings Song Duration on Album: 7:24 Album Duration: 01:11:02

    Release Date: October 10, 1995

    Moods: Dramatic, Aggressive, Fiery, Ominous, Passionate, Provocative, Visceral, Volatile, Intense, Malevolent, Rousing, Menacing, Raucous, Eerie, Rebellious, Theatrical

    Styles: British Metal, Heavy Metal, New Wave of British Heavy Metal

    Themes: Victory, Late Night, Halloween, Guys Night Out

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