Song: Heaven

Band: Jamie Foxx
Composed By: Jamie Foxx

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Couldn't find a tab for this song anywhere, so thought I'd do it myself! Its my first 
writting a tab so bear with me. Its not quite finished so play round with it where you fit.

The verses are as follows.


    D7          G   C maj7
A|---------------2---3----------|| repeat 2x

   D7          G   Cmaj7 E6add9 Am7   D7sus4


small interlude between verse 3 & 4
    D7           G   Cmaj7  D7           G Cmaj7 D6  Am7  D7sus4

It's not quite finished yet as i have yet to tab the bit between verse 4 & 5
hope this helps anyone else who is looking for this song!

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Tell me have you heard the story
That took place not long ago
Bout an angel up in heaven
They say she up and ran away from home

Word is she had unfinished business
So back on earth she had to flea
Well you know I'm so elated
Because she's laying right here next to me

And when God woke up that morning
And he called out her name
And when she did not answer
Heaven will never ever ever be
Heaven will never be the same
Never be the same [Repeat x2]

Always dreamed that it would happen
I just didn't know exactly when
All my life I'd been waiting for something amazing
Said it took a while but now I know
So tell me can I get a witness
If you believe in miracles
And the proof I have is living
And my life will never ever be
And your life don't have to be the

At times it seems we take for granted
How precious life can be
Just hold on and I'm sure you'll understand it
Bringing into this world
A precious boy or girl
And when God woke up that morning
Said where has my little angel gone
And when she didn't an, answer
Heaven will never ever ever be
Heaven will never be the, same
Yeah, yeah

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    Genre: R&B Label: J Records Song Duration on Album: 3:54 Album Duration: 01:01:41

    Release Date: December 20, 2005

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