Song: We Cry Out

Band: Jesus Culture
Composed By: Brian Johnson

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g---12(8 times)--15(8 Times)--------------17----------|(8 times)
d------------------------------15(8 Times)------------|


( Each note will last four beats)

When starting the songs stay on the G note at the G-string for 8 beats then start the
with the chords

the chords are

G  (4 beats)
B flat (4 beats)
F  (4 beats)
C  (4 beats)

The chords are played through the whole song if playing electric guitar power chords are 
to use

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  • We Cry Out

    Genre: Religious Label: Jesus Culture Music / Kingsway Music Song Duration on Album: 6:13 Album Duration: 01:09:56

    Release Date: July 13, 2010

    Moods: Earnest, Energetic, Passionate, Reflective, Rousing, Spiritual, Uplifting, Yearning

    Styles: Christian Rock, Alternative CCM, CCM, Contemporary Christian, Gospel

    Themes: Celebration, In Love, Joy, Motivation, Passion, Religion, Youth

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