Song: I Need You In The Morning

Band: John Mark Mcmillan
Composed By: John Mark McMillan

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																				John Mark McMillan
I Need You in the Morning
From "Hope Anthology Volume 1"
Tabbed by thechadmiller (Twitter)

E5 - G - D - A


Verse 1
     D           D/C#        D/C          D/B

You step into my emptiness until it's all gone
     D/Bb            D/A                 D/Ab             D/G

You slide into my starless night and You shine like the sun
     D               D/C#         D/C                D/B

You chase away the loneliness whenever You come around
        D/Bb                 D/A                D/Ab             D/G

so come on and take off Your camouflage Lord and let me see You now

Bm      Bmsus      Bm     Bmsus  Asus4   A    Asus4   A    
I just want You to hang around, I just want You to stay
Bm     Bmsus       Bm    Bmsus      G          A

I just want You to hang around and stay, and stay

Chorus 1
                  E5                          G

I need You in the morning, I need You in the evening
     D                 A

and when the sun goes down
                  E5                          G

I need You in the daytime, I need You in the nighttime
     D                 A

and when the sun goes down

Verse 1, Pre-Chorus, Chorus x2

Intro chords "Na-Na-Na-Na-Na's" 

E5                          G

It's getting cold outside, it's getting dark outside
D                             A

Sit by the fire of Your eyes, sit by the fire of Your eyes
E5                          G

It's getting cold outside, it's getting dark outside
D                             A

Sit by the fire of Your eyes

Intro - Solo
During the solo, move up to the G string on the 11th fret position. 

During the verses, play the acoustic D chord, then move the step downs on
the A string, then the E string for the Ab and G. If you're playing with the
band, just play D and let the bass play the step down notes.

For the E5 in the chorus, mute the G string but play every other note.

For the pre-chorus, this is what the lead is playing:
  Bm Bm/sus         A  Asus4
e|--------|      e|--------|
B|--------|      B|--------|
G|--7--6--|      G|--7--6--|
D|--7--7--|      D|--7--7--|
A|--x--x--|      A|--x--x--|
E|--7--7--|      E|--5--5--|

You can just play the D & G strings and not even play the root note since
the bass is playing it... but if you're playing acoustic by yourself, there 
ya go. 

If you have any input or corrections, check out my blog for more info and 
let me know if you have any songs you need help with. God bless!

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  • Hope Anthology, Vol. 1

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: John Mark McMillan Song Duration on Album: 5:51 Album Duration: 45:11

    Release Date: June 22, 2005

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