Song: Travel Light

Band: Johnny Flynn Laura Marling

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																				I found another tab on this site but i prefer playing the song like this:

standart tuning
no capo

chords: G     320000

        Cadd9 x32030


Intro: G  Am  D  Cadd9 2x
the chords are playing the whole song like this: 
G                 Am         D           Cadd9
When I was an astronaut I didn't take my boots, 
When I was a coal miner I didn't know the news, 
When I was a record store I didn't have the blues, 
I travel light and that's the life for me. 

He doesn't care where else he goes, 
He's not gonna take any extra clothes 
or extra shoes to hide his feet 
The ground is dirt, the dirt is sweet 

When I go Londontown I'll stand under a rock, 
Until I know all the time it takes to pack a clock, 
Then I'll flip it over, close the key, and swallow the lock. 
I travel light and that's the life for me. 

He doesn't take his spoon or fork, 
He's seen too many eating in New York, 
He'll use his hands to pick and eat, 
The fruit he finds, he'll find it sweet 

When I was a waitress, I gave away my tips 
When I was a call-girl, I gave away my hips 
When I ran the kissing booth, I gave away my lips, 
I travel light and that's the life for me 

She lives a life like abandoned wind 
Elemental wife, fortune is her friend, 
I smile on a planet and a river made of light, 
she's just a pebble on a waterfall tonight 

When i go to Boston I stand around in jeans 
And save the cash for Levi

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