Song: Open Book

Band: Jose Gonzalez

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                             OPEN BOOK - Jos Gonzlez
Tabbed by: Bas
E-mail: bas5432 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Tuning: standard


Last song from Jos's latest album, Vestiges & Claws. Unlike most of his songs, this one is in standard 
tuning. The picking pattern is pretty constant throughout the song and commonly employed, for example in 
Eddie Vedder's Guaranteed and Tuolomne. However, Jos adds a lot of little variations and often changes 
them around when playing live. Therefore, I've decided to just show the basic picking pattern and chords, 
and leave the rest to you guys.

Basic picking pattern:
Use four fingers: thumb on A (and E), index on D, middle on G and ring on B (and e) strings.
    C               G/B             Am
Denoted in parentheses are (some of the) notes that Jos sometimes plays as well or instead, listen to the 
song for exact moments.

C      x3201x, sometimes x320x0, in bridge x320x3
G/B    x2003x
Am     x0221x, sometimes x022x0
G      3x000x
D/F#   2x023x
F      1x332x, sometimes 1x33x1
A#maj7 x1323x, sometimes x13231
Fmaj7  xx3210



C G/B Am Am
C G/B Am Am (A|--0h2--|)

Verse 1:
C                G/B                Am
       Feel just like an open book
C                G/B                   Am   (A|--0h2--|)
      Exposing myself in this neighbourhood
C                G/B            Am
      Talking to people as if I knew them well
G                D/F#
   Thinking that everyone has gone
   (E|--0h2--|)   G              (A|--0h2--|)
Through different kinds of hell

Verse 2:
C                G/B             Am   (A|--0h2--|)
     Lately I've found myself in doubt
C                G/B                 Am   (A|--0h2--|)
        Asking myself what it's all about
C                G/B                         Am          G
       What am I doing here     What's this leading to
           D/F#    (E|--0h2--|) G        
What's the point of all without you

              F           G
Well I've got promises to keep
       C     G/B       Am     G     D/F#          
Like a cat I know I'll land upon my feet
(E|--0h2--|) G      (A|--0h2--|)
 Each time I fall

C G/B Am Am
C G/B Am Am (A|--0h2--|)
C G/B Am G
D/F# D/F# (E|--0h2--|) G G (A|---0--|)

A#maj7                           C 
           Every now and then in dreams
A#maj7                           C
         By the river 'neath our tree
A#maj7                           C
       Leaves in yellow, red and brown
           A#maj7                G/B
I hear you whisper in my ear
                     G         (A|--0h2--|)
Your love belongs to everyone

Verse 3:
C                G/B          Am   (A|--0h2--|)
       Feel just like an open book
C                G/B              Am   (A|--0h2--|)
     A couple of words was all it took
C                G/B          Am
   In front of a bright white canvas
        G            D/F#
Staring vacantly now free,
(E|--0h2--|)   G
    Against my will

           F             C
A drifting vessel in the storm
        F                   C
Pushed around from shore to shore
               Fmaj7           C
I know there's so much left to see
              Fmaj7           C
I know I have so much left to give

        G/B        Am
But the memories remain
        G                    D/F#
Yet the scars don't feel the same
        F            C
Filling pages one by one
       Fmaj7           C (strum) 
In the warmth of other suns


| h   hammer-on
| x   Mute note


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