Song: No Envy No Fear

Band: Joshua Radin
Composed By: Marvin Burns

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																				This basically my first tab/chord attempt, just trying to lay down the existing 
chords onto the lyrics to give everyone an easier time.

Capo on 4th

D                 Bm             G              D              D

some are reaching few are there, wandering from a heros chair, some are 
        Bm             G                D

scared to fly so high, well this is how we have to try
G               D         G             D

have no envy and no fear, have no envy, no fear


D               Bm          G               D             D            Bm
brother brother we all see, your hiding out so painfully, see yourself come 
             G             D

out to play, a lovers rain will wash away
G            D         G                D

you envy and you fear, so have no envy, no fear

D                Bm              G            D               G         Bm
when your sister turns to leave, only when shes most in need, take away the 
               G                D

cause of pain, by showing her were all the same.
G               D         G               D

have no envy and no fear, have no envy and no fear

D              Bm             G                    D              D 
and every day we try to find, we search our hearts and our minds, the place 
          Bm              G                 D

we used to call our home, cant be found when were alone
G               D         G               D

so have no envy, no fear, have no envy and no fear

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  • Simple Times

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: 14th Floor Recordings Song Duration on Album: 3:22 Album Duration: 33:33

    Release Date: September 30, 2008

    Moods: Reflective, Delicate, Melancholy, Soft/Quiet, Earnest, Gentle, Restrained, Searching, Warm, Wistful, Autumnal, Sentimental, Somber

    Styles: Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock

    Themes: Introspection, Reflection, Early Morning, Sunday Afternoon, In Love

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