Song: Show You How

Band: Killers
Composed By: Brandon Flowers

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i gotta tell ya
Bm           G

i'll make it better
    A      D                     Bm           G

but i know that there's somethin' i needed to say
when i was out, though
D              Bm     G

maybe you were better alone
A                   D       Bm  G  A

i know i'll make it home



she told me sweet thang
run a labour
in your shoes
touch me til i follow in love
i wanna help her
maybe we were better alone
i wanna show you how

and then we walked out
make it made now
i said i want it but i never alone
i wanna show you
maybe we were somethin' uncool
i wanna make you sing

(my first tab, had to make it cuz amazing song and no tab before)

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I gotta tell ya
I'll make it better
But I know there's somethin' I needed to say
When I was out, though
Maybe you were better alone
I know I'll make it home

She told me sweet thang
Run a labour
In your shoes
Touch me til I follow in love
I wanna help her
Maybe we were better alone
I wanna show you how

And then we walked out
Make it made now
I said I want it but I never alone
I wanna show you
Maybe we were somethin' uncool
I wanna make you sing

Uh uh oh
Uh uh oh
Uh uh oh

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