Song: Heart On Fire

Band: Lennon And Maisy

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They sing this in the key of E, but I transposed the chords to ones I can play and sing more easily.


(D) You were the girl With the blazin heart on fire.
Free, as a dress, In the breeze,
Hangin on a laundry (G) line (Em) In the sun (D) shine

You had the eyes, Saw the beauty in the mess.
Love in the moment, On the fly
And you figured out the (G) rest (Em) 
You were (D) fearless


Chorus (x2) 

(G) Who threw the punch that you couldn't (D) handle?
(Em) What came along, (G) Blew out your candle?
(D) Love, gotta light it back (A) up
(G) Maybe it's just your (D) self that you're fightin
(Em) Keepin the shine in (G) your star from rising 
(D) up Gotta light it back (A) up

(G) Won't let you (D) sink, Like a (A) stone, 
to the (Em) bottom, bottom
(G) Let me (D) remind you of the (A) you you've (Em) forgotten
(G) It's just a (D) road, It's just the (A) way that you're (Em) ridin
I know it's (G) rough, Gotta get back (Em) up
Light it back (D) up

A Em D B D Em

E (let ring) 
You were the girl,
with the blazin heart on fire

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