Song: Enchantment

Band: Lily Frost
Composed By: J Smith

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																				Hey, So I don't post, but I thought I would with this because there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING 
for this song, which I can't believe, because it's a lovely song. It's really simple to 
but it's super cute. Feel free to e-mail anything that you find that seems to be 
wrong to
Thanks guys.

Song: Enchantment
Artist: Lily Frost
Official Website:
Standard Tuning.
No Capo.

Stanza 1:
A E Bm F#m Dm A E

A E Bm F#m Dm A E

F#m A Bm Dm E

F#m A Bm Dm E

F#m A Bm Dm

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  • CinĂ©-Magique

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Boxson Song Duration on Album: 2:58 Album Duration: 38:37

    Release Date: September 19, 2006

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