Song: Bills

Band: Lunchmoney Lewis

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Bills  Lunchmoney Lewis 

Capo 3


[Intro:] E  A   D       x4

      D    G  F#7  Bm   
I got Bills I gotta pay
               A        D           A    A   *
So I'ma gonn' work work work every day
      D     G        F#7  Bm   
I got mouths I gotta feed,
               A        D           A 
So I'ma gonn' make sure everybody eats         

        D                  G   -    A     D
I got Bills!! All these bills pile up my desk
                    G   - A     D               G   -    A        
They looking like a mount',     All the little kids run around
A                               D               G  -  A
I can hear their stomach growl, Touching for a moon out
D                            G  - A
And my girl just don't know how
D                G  -  A        A
Said she gonna leave me if I don't home with $50, $50? 


[pre chorus]
E  A  D
         God damn, god damn, god damn, god damn
E  A  D
        Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man
E  A  D
       God damn, oh man, god damn, oh man
E  A  A


[verse 2]
              D             G   -    A
I got Bills! Woke up and I bumped my head, 
 D                       G   -    A
Stumped my toe on the edge of the bed
D                         G   -    A
Opened the fridge and the food all gone
Leaving everybody, crap them along
D                          G   -    A
Hopped in the car and the car won't start
D                         G   -    A
It's too damn hot but I still gotta walk
D                         G   -    A
Behind an old lady in the grocery line
Praying that my card won't get declined

[pre chorus] [chorus] [Instrumental chorus]

E  A  D         E  A  D           E  A  D             E  A  A  A
     And my shoes, my shoes I said my shoes! Ain't got no soul


* Can play this part as A A/G A/F# A/E (walking down bass line)

Requested by Alyssa at Laugh and Learn

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