Song: Yahweh - Gregory Norbet

Band: Misc Unsigned Bands

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																				TiTle: Yahweh

Artist: Gregory Norbet

Chords made by: Charlie Edsel Valera


Intro: C-F-C-Am-F-G7

 C         F           C  Am
Yahweh is the God of my salvation
   F              G-G7
I trust in him and have no fear
          C          F                C   Am
I sing of the joy which his love gives to me
            F                 G7                   C

and I draw deeply from the springs of his greats kindness

       C        Em       F   C

A. open our eyes to the wonder of each moment
       Sm     F   G-G7
the beginning of another day

B. Be with us, lord as we break through with each other
To find the truth and beauty of each friend

C. when evening comes our day of toil is over
Give us rest, O Lord, in the joy of many friends

D. Take us beyond the vision on this day
The deep & wide ways of your infinite love and life

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