Song: Eric Hassle - Hurtful

Band: Misc Unsigned Bands

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																				This is my first tab but sounds okay to me, great song.



I used to laugh it off

I used to look the other way
            Em                      D

I used to save them troubles for another day
I kept my fingers crossed
I used to never take the blame
              Em                         D

I'd pull a sunshine story in a pouring rain
     Em                             D        C

The more I had to change I'd just stay the same 

(The same, the same, I stayed the same)
C                                         Em
You don't know what you got till you're missing it a lot
  D                    C

I had to go throw it away 
C                                     Em                    D

I was wrong from the start from the bottom of my heart I apologize 
C               Em        D

What I did to you was hurtful
C               Em        D

What I'm going through is hurtful

Etc, goes like this.


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