Song: This Is My Worship

Band: Phatfish

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C            F

In all I do and all I say
          Am                 G

let Your love abound through me
          C                 F

On every path that my life takes
          Am                G

let Your light shine out of me

                    Dm                       Am
In things that are seen and things that are hidden
                C                  G

I'll seek to delight Your heart O God
                Dm                     Am
For nothing is mine that You have not given
                 C                  G

I'll honour You Lord with my whole life


            Am                  F

This is my worship, this is my worship
                 C       G

Living for Your glory O God
              Am                  F

In all of my dealings let me be pleasing
              C           G

It is Jesus Christ who I serve

            C               F

With every gift Your mercy brings
        Am                G

I will work towards Your cause
               C               F

To share good news with every heart
          Am                    G

Is Your charge to those You've called

                 Dm                    Am
Your love is so vast, Your grace so compelling
                 C                  G

And all that is good is sourced in You
               Dm                   Am
Now as I draw near, You call me to share in
               C                 G

The wonder of all the Godhead's love


God bless.xXx

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