Song: Full Disclosure

Band: Rebecca Sugar

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D# G Cm A#


Everybody told me gem stuff's dangerous

Cm                                 G#
I guess I didn't belive it, until now

Dad always seemed apprehensive


    G#                A#
And now he's really freaking out

What do I do

I don't want that for you

Everybody tells me life is precious

Cm                                  G#
On the planet Earth, and that means you

When I have to protect you

 G#              A#
What if somehow you get hurt

What do I do

I don't want that for you

G#                 Cm        G#
What am I going to tell you

                      Cm          A#          G#
You're better off not knowing the trouble I'm in

I don't want to you worry

G#                     Cm            A#
About what I have just seen, about where I've just

G#                      A#
Been, you don't have to be a part of this

Cm               A#         G#
I don't think I want you to be

You don't need this

You don't need me

The chords are correct and are verified by me. Please appreciate my work, I was   not easy to find
the chords by its simplicity , since I'm used to songs with a    greater wealth of these.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the song.

Los acordes son los correctos y han sido verificados por mi mismo. Por favor
aprecien mi trabajo, me costo mucho hallar los acordes por su simpleza, al estar
yo acostumbrado a trabajar con canciones con mayor riqueza de estos.

Gracias por leer, disfruten la cancin.

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