Song: Der Hofnarr

Band: Schandmaul
Composed By: Eladia Blázquez

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																				"Schandmaul" is a great German folk-rock-band! Listen to "Schandmaul" on!!!

|: B D | B D | E B G D | eee be E :|

B                D              B              D

Possen reissend, Witze machend, ich so manches Herz erfreu.
    E        D        C     D          E     D    E

Den Ball jonglierend, Feuer spuckend, unterhalte ich die Leut'
    B              D           B          D

des Hofes - K

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  • Narrenkonig

    Genre: Pop/Rock Label: Drakkar / F.A.M.E. Song Duration on Album: 4:43 Album Duration: 59:26

    Release Date: January 31, 2005

    Styles: Folk-Rock, Heavy Metal, Prog-Rock, Psychedelic/Garage, Progressive Metal, Hard Rock, Contemporary Folk

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    Moods: Aggressive, Confident, Driving, Energetic, Gutsy, Rebellious, Reckless, Visceral

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    Themes: Anger/Hostility, The Great Outdoors

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