Song: Put A Little Love Away

Band: Sergio Mendes
Composed By: Brian Potter, Dennis Lambert

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		           Put A Little Love Away - Sergio Mendes
Tabbed by: Kackao


Tuning: Standard


G Am G Am G

Verse 1:
Am                   F

He asked a question, you had no answer
Am                         F

The music finds you were a sad and lonely dancer
C              G             C                    F

Somehow you've lost it, what everybody is looking for
    C            Am            G                  Em
But yesterday's dead and gone, tomorrow's at your door

       C                 G

Better put a little love away
C                 Am                G

Everybody needs a penny for a rainy day
Am                 G

Put a little love away
C                        G

Keep a loving thought in mind
C                            Am                G

Someone's gotta leave, somebody's gotta stay behind
Am                G           F

Put a little love away

Verse 2:
Two people sharing one tear too many
Look around for miracles and, no, we don't find any
I've seen it coming, but what am I supposed to do?
Just take a closer look around and simply say to you

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    Genre: Easy Listening Label: Universal Distribution Song Duration on Album: 3:16 Album Duration: 01:09:13

    Release Date: June 4, 2007

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